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Functional Products and Usages

Product Category Product Name Example of Usage Industrial fields of users
For treatment of metal surface Corrosion
IBIT® is added to inorganic acid (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and sulfamic acid) or organic acid (citric acid and hydroxyacetic acid) which is used for acid cleaning to remove scales and water stains formed on the surface of steel equipment. Power plant boiler,
Paper mill,

Seawater desalination plant,
Chemical plant

(Alumina production plant)

IBIT® is added into pickling liquid of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid which is for removing scales formed on the surface of steel sheet during heat processing or heat treatment or for eliminating rust generated during storage or transport. Steel mill (blast furnace, electric furnace, etc.),
Secondary processing of steel (wire extending, pipe drawing, galvanizing, etc),
Stainless steel manufacturer
Antirust agent IBIT® prevents tarnish (rust) on steel products from occurring in rinsing operations after acid pickling. IBIT® is added to the rinse solution. Steel mill,
Secondary processing of steel,

Electric parts product

Detergent ASAFINE® is used in the process to remove rolling oil, antirust oil and iron powder from surface of cold rolled steel sheets.
[annealing (CAL, CAPL)]
[galvanizing (CGL, EGL)]
Steel mill,
Secondary processing of steel
Etching agent ASAFIX® is added to an etchant (ferric chloride) to prevent formation of smut and accelerates the etching speed. Stainless steel processing,

Photo etching for electronic parts and construction materials.

Heat resistant applications Inorganic high-temp adhesive/paint SUMICERAM® S is used under high temperature conditions, as a sealant for sheath heater or as a repair material for high-temp furnace. Lamp manufacturing (halogen or HID),
Electric component,
Automobile component

(temperature sensor, heater, igniter plugs, DPF),

Protect coating for high temperature heater


SUMICERAM® P is used as antioxidant, marking paint for steel products, hyper heat resistant coating.

It is also used as a base for binder that fixes substrate of gas emission catalyst to honeycomb as an environmental pollution control measure for automobile.

Steel mill (blast furnace, electric furnace),
Automobile component,
Home electronics,
Cooking appliances