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President's message

We, Asahi Chemical, are firmly determined to supply quality products which can fully satisfy our customers' needs.

Since founded in 1948, our company, as one of Sumitomo Chemical group companies, has been operating its business with emphasis on the following three business fields: (1) metal surface treatment field represented by the product "IBIT", which is used for acid cleaning of steel to prevent corrosion of its surface, (2) heat resistant adhesive and paint field represented by the product "SUMICERAM" ,and (3) inorganic flocculants field represented by the products "aluminum sulfate" and "poly-aluminum chloride", which are indispensable for sizing of paper and water treatment.

The basics of our business is "manufacturing" based on our company's motto "supply better quality products contributing to the development of society". We will maintain frequent communications with our customers and continue to exert efforts to improve quality of our products, develop new products and supply such products to fully satisfy our customers.

Your further support and patronage would be highly appreciated.

Representative Director and President
Yoshiaki Takeuchi