ASAFIX® -Additives for etching-

ASAFIX® is an effective additive used for photo-etching of stainless steel. It is added to an etchant such as ferric chloride aqueous solution.

ASAFIX® is suitable for etching of various items including electronic parts like encoder-slit mesh of liquid crystal display tube, and metal mask, bath tab, sink, door of elevator, floor plate of escalator, pole, wall, advertising display, ornamentals, and name-plates.

Features of Product

  • ASAFIX® gives better end results of surfaces and faster etching operations.
  • ASAFIX® improves accuracy of fabrication.
  • ASAFIX® gives an etchant a longer life.
Product Application Function Quantity added % *
SC-202 Etching of stainless steel Highly soluble into concentrated ferric chloride etchant 1.0-2.0%
SC-203 Low foaming grade of SC-202 1.0-2.0%

* Concentration in ferric chloride aqueous solution (Baume scale 40-46 at 15 degrees Celsius)