ASAFINE® -Detergent-

ASAFINE®, a detergent, cleans the surface of cold rolled steel sheet from rolling oil, rust preventive oil and iron powder stains before the next process (annealing, galvanizing) starts.

Features of Product

  • ASAFINE® shows excellent detergent properties for rolling oil, rust preventive oil, and iron powder stains.
  • Low foaming type
  • Applicable to various cleaning methods of electrolytic cleaning, spray cleaning and etc.
  • It does not contain phosphorus.
ASAFINE® Application Features Quantity added %*
C-100S Cleaning of steel sheet (to remove rolling oil) A liquid additive (for NaOH)

[Materials of PRTR does not contain]

C-10A Cleaning of steel sheet

(to remove chemical film)

Weak alkali liquid type

[Materials of PRTR does not contain]

SH-4 Smoke house

(Ham, Sausage etc.)

Non-ferrous metal

Alkari liquid type. Plants and animals oil or protein (Bubble washing) 2-5%

* concentration in alkaline liquid volume